ticketing and admission control products
ticketing and admission control products Staging any event can be a security nightmare. ID&C takes away the problems of gatecrashing and lost profits. ticketing and admission control products
our least expensive plastic ID band yet
ticketing and admission control products Our extensive range of security wristbands and accessories is cost-effective with a safe admission control system. Extensive experience provide us with the expertise to recommend bespoke products for your individual security requirements including wristbands, security armbands, UV lamps and stamps or lanyards.
ticketing and admission control products ID&C provides creative ways to make your party go off with a bang - like its amazing Table Top Party Bombs, a safe indoor firework, which explodes cascading tinsel, balloons, streamers, confetti and gifts over party revellers. A must for every big party occasion.



ID&C have the fastest turnaround, highest quality, printed or ex-stock innovation wristbands. Vinyl, tyvek, plastic, slapper and pull off vouchers at highly competitive prices.

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Medical wristbands

2000 Series Wristbands - a popular versatile wristband with a large print area and optional detachable coupon
Kool Wristbands - wave shaped wristband for added security

Cloth wristbands, Fabrik wristbands, Fabric wristbands

Traditional Wristbands - a traditional wristband with effective admission control and many bespoke promotional options
Eezy Rider Wristbands - a unique wristband with 5 detachable tickets
Tyvek Wristbands - cost effective water and tear resistant bandets with tamper evident seal
Glitter Wristbands - made from shimmering holographic material, available with tear-off ticket as standard and the option of printing

Promotional wristbands, Party wristbands

Slap Wristbands - a slap on reusable promotional wristband

Adjustable silicon wristbands

Charity Silicon Wristbands - a reusable silicon promotional wristband
Leisure Wristbands - probably the least expensive plastic band in the world

Wristbands for children, Childrens wristbands, Child wristbands, Child id wristbands

Childrens Wristbands - resizable childrens band with an easy break connector

Wristlets, armbands


UK's highest quality, competitively priced, customised or stock lanyards. Large choice of fittings, sizes and ID holders. Fast turnaround.

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